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  • It's all about the Finish!

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12 Units a week? No bother!

by Lukas Kerge

Fernbank residential development is a wonderful slice of contemporary urban life in Churchtown. This wall's construction site was challenging but an rewarding experience...

Staring back into the past - The award winning Clancy Quay Development.

by Lukas Kerge

Clancy Quay restoration was for us here at Baltic Group one of the most exciting and iconic moments in our 15 years. If we had a timeline of major events in our 15 years, our participation in Clancy Quay would be one of the major facets of it...

Put the screw gun to the metal: Baltic crew readying themselves for a busy end of year

by Lukas Kerge

In November 2020 we started another residential development for Walls Construction. In this development we have provided Walls with our drylining and plastering services. The development consists of 192 apartments over two blocks...

What lies below and what lies above? Baltic Group’s and Kevin Street Garda Station’s story

by Lukas Kerge

Kevin Street Garda Station is one of Baltic’s Groups highlights in our 15 years of operation. This state of the art Divisional Headquarters for An Garda Síochána was an exciting project for us when we undertook it...

A breath of fresh air for the Baltic crew

by Lukas Kerge

We as always are enthralled to be returning once more to Park Developments lush leafy site of Clay farm. We have been given the wonderful opportunity to participate within the works of Park Development’s construction of 28 modern duplex apartments with an additional shell and core for creche and retail facilities in the Neighbourhood Centre...

Retail browsing into House hunting: Converting retail units into apartments.

by Lukas Kerge

We are excited to announce that we have been given the opportunity to return back to Clancy Quay developed by Kennedy Wilson. We have been contracted by Greenlight to convert retail units into 12 modern luxurious apartments...

Cooperation and Cohesion: Baltic’s tools in Scholarstown with Andrew Construction

by Lukas Kerge

Scholarstown apartments is one of the very first contracted works between Baltic Group and Andrews Construction. In Scholarstown we worked on 79 modern apartments, our involvement being in drylining, partitioning, ceilings and internal/external plastering...

The logistics of synchronicity: Baltic Group in Northwest Logistics Park

by Lukas Kerge

We are very delighted to share the news that after the successful completion of two units last year for Park Development, Baltic Group was awarded a further unit in the Northwest Logistic Park in Blanchardstown...

To tile or not to tile? Baltic Group expands into tiling service with the aid of tiling experts

by Lukas Kerge

We at Batlic Group always strive for perfection and immense quality. It is always our goal in any site we are on that we are precise, high standard and responsive. We have always strived for these goals and for every new site, contract or works we always uphold these ethics that we at Baltic hold very dear...